CLANED’s artificial intelligence combined with social learning to improve learning results of United Nations personnel around the globe

02-08-2016 CLANED’s artificial intelligence combined with social learning to improve learning results of United Nations personnel around the globe Claned Group Ltd., a fast growing Finnish education technology start-up, started collaboration with the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) in June 2016. The Staff College is the primary learning institution for United Nations staff world-wide, and a project to create a digital learning platform and an innovation community started immediately.

The innovation community is built on CLANED digital learning platform. The platform uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to learn to understand how different students learn. It uses this knowledge to optimize learning efficiency by, for example, recommending study materials and mentors that best match the student’s individual needs. CLANED digital learning platform will be used by employees from all UN system organizations.

"One of the key aspects of CLANED is collaborative learning, knowledge sharing and creation. These features, combined with CLANED’s unique learning analytics, make it an ideal platform to create effective, organic and continued learning and development opportunities for United Nations staff deployed around the world", says Miguel Panadero, Senior Programme Manager at UNSSC.

”We are extremely pleased for the opportunity to work together with the Staff College in developing an innovation community that connects United Nations personnel globally. CLANED is a great solution for collaborative learning and this agreement is yet another proof of the versatility of our platform", says Vesa Perälä, Founder of CLANED.   


Since starting sales to organizational customers in late 2015, Claned has closed deals in over ten countries.


The Worlddidac Award 2016 to Claned

In addition to market traction, Claned has also received awards for innovations in educational products. The latest award, the Worlddidac Award 2016, was granted by the Worlddidac Foundation in Bern in July 2016. A competent jury of Swiss teachers and an international panel of experts led by Prof. Dr. Peter Gloor evaluated a total of 47 educational products from Switzerland, Germany, France, Argentina, India, China, Finland, Denmark, Great Britain, Australia and South Korea.


Mervi Palander, CEO of Claned, sees the prestigious award as a tremendous validation of the company vision and impact of personalizing learning for everyone. “I’m very proud of our team and the work we have done over the last three years to develop CLANED”, she says.


Currently Claned is raising funding to further accelerate its international growth. The campaign has already raised approximately €200,000 of the minimum €500,000 goal on equity crowdfunding platform Invesdor.