Natur & Kultur to develop digital learning materials with Ubiikki

04-05-2017 Natur & Kultur to develop digital learning materials with Ubiikki Swedish publisher Natur & Kultur has started a collaboration with the Finnish-based technology company Ubiikki to develop their digital learning material portfolio.
The development will be based on Ubiikki’s platform Cloubi, which is already used by publishers in six different countries, for example by the Finnish educational publisher Otava.

“We welcome this co-operation with Natur & Kultur where we can use our combined expertise in technology, design and pedagogy,” says Kristian Valkama, vice president at Ubiikki.

“Cloubi is a flexible and adaptable platform that enables us to offer digital learning materials with evident pedagogical benefits,” says Helena Holmström, Publishing director at Natur & Kultur.

“Otava’s goal is to support better learning. It means a lot that we share this vision with Natur & Kultur in developing the learning experiences of the future,” concludes Otava’s Publishing director Teuvo Sankila.
About Cloubi:
Cloubi is a comprehensive platform for the production and operation of digital learning materials. It enables a wide variety of digital learning products with features such as interactive assignments and advanced analytics. Cloubi is currently in use in six countries and continuously developed in order to meet increasing market needs for pedagogical and easy-to-use digital learning content.

About Natur & Kultur. Natur & Kultur is a publishing house and a foundation, independent and free from the interests of private owners. Through financial support, inspiration, and education we encourage tolerance, humanism and democracy in society.
About Ubiikki. Ubiikki is a digital development partner for educational publishers with the latest know-how in learning technology and digital publishing. The company provides state-of-the art tools that enable publishers to develop their digital portfolio and provide engaging content for better learning experiences.
About Otava. Otava Publishing Company Ltd is a major Finnish Publishing house with a history that spans back over 120 years. Otava publishes both printed and digital educational materials for a wide range of subjects and for all levels of education. Today’s educational material is based on the concepts of blended learning and multichannel publishing. These materials have been one of the reasons behind Finnish PISA success.

For further information, please contact:

Ann Förberg, Marketing director Natur & Kultur, +46 70 779 90 97, ann.forberg(a)
Kristian Valkama, vice president Ubiikki Ltd, +358 40 538 0365, kristian.valkama(a)
Teuvo Sankila, Publishing director Otava, +358 50 3737 474, teuvo.sankila(a)