Ubiikki Ltd to develop digital learning experiences with Österreichischer Bundesverlag Schulbuch and Kreativni centar

18-01-2018 Ubiikki Ltd to develop digital learning experiences with Österreichischer Bundesverlag Schulbuch and Kreativni centar

The Finnish-based educational technology company Ubiikki has started collaboration with Austrian publishing company Österreichischer Bundesverlag Schulbuch GmbH & Co. KG and Serbian publisher Kreativni centar. Ubiikki will provide the publishers technology and services to develop their digital learning businesses.

The collaboration is based on Ubiikki’s platform Cloubi, which is used by publishers across Europe, now in eight different countries.


- We warmly welcome these new collaboration opportunities. Together with the publishers, we can use our combined expertise in technology, design and pedagogy to develop effective digital learning experiences, says Tero Rynkä, CEO at Ubiikki.


- We entered into a strategic partnership with Ubiikki so that we can develop a compelling digital product offering for the Austrian educational market. Cloubi provides the flexibility as a digital learning platform to respond to current and future market needs, supporting the digitalization of Austria’s educational sector”, says Klaus Baier, Director of Content Fabrication & Digital Solutions at Österreichischer Bundesverlag Schulbuch.


- Our collaboration with Ubiikki will enable us to take our textbook production to a new level. Using Ubiikki’s powerful Cloubi toolset we will add new interactive e-workbook products to our portfolio,” says Dejan Begović, Rights Manager at Kreativni centar.

About Cloubi

Cloubi is a comprehensive platform for the production and operation of digital learning materials. It enables a wide variety of digital learning products with features such as interactive assignments and advanced analytics. Cloubi is continuously developed in collaboration with Ubiikki’s publishing partners in order to meet increasing market needs for pedagogically sound and easy-to-use digital learning content.

Further information

  • Tero Rynkä, CEO, Ubiikki Ltd, tel. +35850 3070 792,
  • Klaus Baier, Director of Content Fabrication & Digital Solutions, Österreichischer Bundesverlag Schulbuch GmbH & Co. KG, tel. +43 / 1 / 40136 370
  • Dejan Begović, Rights Manager at Kreativni centar, tel. +381 11 3820 464,


About Ubiikki. Ubiikki Ltd is a digital development partner for educational publishers with the latest know-how in learning technology and digital publishing. The company provides state-of-the art tools that enable publishers to develop their digital material portfolio and provide engaging content for better learning experiences.


About ÖBV. Österreichischer Bundesverlag Schulbuch is a leading publisher of educational materials in Austria. Founded in 1772 by the empress Maria Theresia, ÖBV is today a modern, privately held publishing company committed to quality and innovation in both printed and digital materials. While some of ÖBV's schoolbooks have already enjoyed several decades of continued market success, the company is constantly increasing its offering of modern, high-quality materials for all school subjects and levels.


About Kreativni centar. Kreativni centar, founded in 1989, has gradually become one of the leading publishers of children's books and educational materials in Serbia. The company has developed a large- scale publishing line of teaching materials for primary schools covering all subjects. With the disappearance of monopoly in the Serbian educational market, Kreativni Centar has grown significantly in size and plays a central role in educational debate in Serbia.