Omnia Education Partnerships specialize in capacity building projects in the vocational education and training sectors, as well as professional development programs for teachers, trainers and school leaders. Omnia programs employ a blended learning format, including face-to-face training, online training and as an option, a study visit to Finland.


Omnia has over 700 experts, and furthermore can tap into a network to design and implement tailor-made programs for organizations. Examples of such large-scale development projects are Omnia’s two EU Twinning projects running in Egypt and Kosovo. In addition, Omnia Education Partnerships and the UK’s internationally renowned Innovation Unit have teamed up to help organisations and governments tackle skills mismatch and transform the relationship between education and work. Vocational education for all, not just for non-graduates, provides an opportunity for economies and societies.


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Overarching development and consultancy

Finnish educational institutions and companies offer extensive and comprehensive partnerships to develop local education systems in which students are able to achieve their full potential. This can involve capacity building, curriculum development, public-private partnerships, or any combination of methods and approaches in the field of education and learning.



Finnish professionals specialize in renewing and transforming education systems worldwide, by developing education policy in early years (pre-primary), primary, vocational, and higher education wherever and in whatever set-up it is needed