Early Childhood Education and Care & Basic and Upper Secondary Education (K-12)

In the Finnish education system, formal primary education starts in the year a child turns seven years old. In the year prior, at the age of six, the child participates in mandatory pre-primary education.


As part of early childhood development and care, its aim is to equip the children with the skills and maturity they need for learning before they start primary school. But even before the compulsory pre-school year, most children in Finland benefit from municipal or private daycare, which provides them with the appropriate support in their cognitive, emotional, physical and social development.

Many terms are used interchangeably for this early childhood development and care: daycare, nursery school, kindergarten, pre-primary or pre-school being some of them.

We in Finland believe that good quality early education and care, as well as primary schooling, should be the universal right of every child regardless of the country they grow up in.That is why we offer a number of solutions for consulting, development and training that combine the excellence of the proven and successful Finnish early education concepts and skilled education professionals, to improve the pre-primary and primary school experience for children all over the world.