CASE: 3 Step IT

3 Step IT is one of Finland’s biggest players in the circular economy. It offers schools, and other public and private sector organizations, a cost-efficient and environmentally conscious way to acquire, maintain and manage their IT equipment. Schools don’t have to purchase expensive devices, as they can hire a complete learning solution for the required time period. Nor do they have to worry about recycling old, defunct equipment. In the spirit of circular economy, 3 Step IT takes care of recollection, followed by either refurbishment or recycling, of all equipment. This extends the lifespan of IT equipment and minimizes the amount of waste. In fact, 3 Step IT refurbishes and resells 95% of recollected devices, with only 5% needing to be recycled.


3 Step IT’s logistics centers handle nearly 250 000 returned devices a year. The company has subsidiaries in 11 countries, including the UK, the Nordic region, the Baltic countries and Southeast Asia, and employs 360 people.


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Educational environments and infrastructure

Schools in Finland benefit from architecture, building design, furniture and lighting that is sound, safe, functional, fit for purpose, comfortable, and generally conducive for a positive learning environment. Their audio-visual and ICT equipment is modern, of high quality and well-maintained.


The physical environment is a key ingredient in what makes the Finnish education system a global leader: Innovative school buildings and classroom design enables multifunctional learning and encourages students to do their best. Flexible and sustainable environments support engaged learning and a good pedagogical approach.

We are able to export even this element of the Finnish School to other countries. Moreover, there are new developments and advances in hybrid learning environments, combining the physical and digital spheres.