Basic and Upper Secondary Education (K-12)

Though we cannot export the Finnish education system as such, we will co-create with clients to deliver suitable elements of it to fit local market conditions, offering assistance in localizing it and reforming the local primary education system according to the ‘Finnish School Abroad’ concept.

This can include professional development programs for teachers; the knowledge and practical skills they need to improve elementary teaching, cloud-based e-learning platforms and infrastructure solutions, systems for assessment and evaluation, educational digital games, software and mobile applications, as well as digital learning content and resources. There are also options on offer for hybrid learning environments and harvesting data to develop better-tailored learning processes.

Based on customer requirements, we are able to deliver the whole turnkey solution: The Finnish School Abroad, complete with the architecture, design, furniture and equipment of the school building, curricula design, teacher training programs, digital tools and learning content, etc.