Top three reasons

  1. Finland’s excellent learning outcomes are the result of research-based pedagogy and its innovative approach to teaching and learning.
    This combination supports the creation of excellent curricula and first-rate learning environments and processes.
  2. High-quality training, professional freedom, and trust are the ingredients of success.
    Teachers in Finland must hold a master’s degree and pedagogical qualifications. They enjoy professional freedom and trust, and have the power to influence their own daily work and the development of schools.
  3. Finland has a strong ICT sector and a booming gaming industry.
    This has helped to create favorable conditions for developing cutting-edge digital learning solutions that make learning fun!

Interested in learning more about the Finnish education offering?

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Finnish Excellence in Education brochure (PDF)

Finland - Excellence in Education presentation (PFD)


Interested in learning more about Finnish education system?


Please see: Finnish Education in a Nutshell brochure (PDF)

Finland - the home of world-class education

Finland has a reputation as an education powerhouse, with its long track record at the top of the world rankings, and proven results.

The nature of a child is to want to know new things, to be inquisitive, curious about the world around them, and to experiment with what they learn. Finland’s education system builds on this, taking advantage of the natural curiosity and placing it at the heart of education planning and curricula.


The child’s natural inquisitiveness is fostered and supported in Finland by the excellent pre-school system, where instead of formal education that is the norm in most other countries, learning happens naturally through play and discovery. In addition, the Finnish school system has been built on the egalitarian principle of good quality universal education, which is inclusive and comprehensive. In fact, the learning gap of the weakest and the strongest pupils in Finnish schools is one of the narrowest in the world.


Harnessing the digital transformation

The very concept of school is at a turning point: Information and Communications Technology has given rise to a transformation of historical proportions in education and teaching, globally. First by enabling the sharing of learning materials digitally, and now by the increasing interactivity and development of personalized learning content via social media models. This allows for deeper commitment to one’s own learning, for example through educational digital games, efficient ways to search for information online and the creation of personal learning sets.


Finland enjoys one of the most advanced and expansive applications of digital technology in education, starting from the first grade of primary school throughout the education system, and consisting of formal as well as extracurricular learning through technology. We in Finland understand the true value and promise of digitalization. As connectivity in the world is ever-expanding, and the speed with which it advances, the concept of the digital school can be exported all over the globe.


As digital learning environments become more sophisticated, detailed data can be collected of a learner’s activities with the ability to tailor and adapt the content to better serve that learner’s needs. Each individual is characterized by different backgrounds, experiences and interests, with their own way of constructing meanings out of the phenomena around them. Learners also vary in the pace at which they process and adopt information. This is another aspect in which the digital learning environment comes to its own, by allowing for differing speeds and styles of learning.


Finnish School Abroad – a complete package

In Finland, varied methods of teaching are combined appropriately to support deeper learning. The role of the teacher is evolving into an instructor guiding learners in sourcing, assimilating and combining information. This heralds a major change in the teaching profession also, requiring teachers to shift their mindset from centralized control and uniformity to individually tailored learning and adoption of more varied tools and techniques. One size does not fit all, nor does one method suit everybody.


And this is precisely the crux of Finnish Excellence in Education. We are able to deliver a 360-degree solution of the ‘Finnish School Abroad’: A complete package, which combines the physical and digital dimensions of inspiring classroom and learning environments – architecture, design, technology – with the intangible aspects of education, from pedagogically optimised high-quality teacher training, to creative, self-motivating and active learning.


What we want to see

The global education and learning market is estimated to be worth 3,300 billion Euros, and counting, growing on average at 7% annually. The growth in the educational games and online learning solutions segments is even higher; 30% and 23%, respectively.


Our goal with exporting the concept of the ‘Finnish School Abroad’ is active, engaged students who take charge of their own learning, and are inspired and coached by enthusiastic, motivated teachers. Educators who are able to stimulate their pupils’ curiosity, making them see why what they are learning will be valuable to them. Pupils who take initiative in planning, directing, and evaluating their own learning process, collaborating with their peers, solving problems and steering projects through teamwork. These students take full advantage of the 24/7 learning opportunity; learning as much outside of the classroom and school hours than within school walls and timetables.


We envisage well trained and highly skilled teachers, who enjoy a high degree of professional freedom and trust in their work, and who have adopted pedagogical methods that have made the Finnish school system so successful. They are not simply experts in their own subject area, but well versed in what is a key differentiator in the Finnish teacher training methods, the emphasis on the study of pedagogy: learning the art of teaching, tailored to how different people learn.


Building together, from a sound basis in education policy and research

Understanding that this kind of transformation of the education systems worldwide requires a shift of perspective and a mindset of partnership and collaboration, we invest in capacity building, curriculum development and re-modelling entire education systems, through varied consultancy services aimed at governments, schools and education authorities or at private institutions and actors.


We believe this leads to an inspiring, yet efficient and productive, learning environment where students have real independence, an active role in what and how they learn, and genuinely hold a key to unlocking their own potential.