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10monkeys.com Ltd

10monkeys Math World is a web-based math practicing program for primary school students. Teachers in over 100 countries use 10monkeys Math World’s scientifically designed content.

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3 Step IT

We offer our clients a transparent, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of acquiring, monitoring and managing IT equipment. We are also a retailer of refurbished computers and mobile devices. We help find a new home for devices that would otherwise be recycled for materials, or at worst just thrown away. Information contained by used devices is securely and confidentially erased at our processing facilities in Finland, Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom and Malaysia. After the erase, the equipment is cleaned and tested before being sold. Our work extends the lifespan of IT equipment and minimizes the amount of waste.

Aalto University Executive Education Ltd

Aalto University Executive Education (Aalto EE) offers high-quality executive education and leadership development services globally; customized solutions, MBA & DBA programs, and open enrollment programs.
Aalto EE holds the three most respected university accreditations - AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS - and is ranked among the top 50 executive education providers by the Financial Times. Aalto EE has two strongholds: our Helsinki office coordinates our operations in Europe, while Asia-Pacific operations are led from Singapore. Additionally Aalto EE offers programs in Poland, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Sweden, the Baltic countries, Russia and Iran.
Annually, clientele from over 1,000 companies benefit from our goal-oriented and comprehensive learning experience with a proven impact on both the individual and the organization.

Aboa Mare Ab

Aboa Mare offers secondary education at Axxell and tertiary education at Novia UAS. You can study to become a Master Mariner, Watchkeeping Officer or Watchkeeping Engineer. In addition to the educations carried out in Swedish, Aboa Mare offers Master Mariner education in English. Aboa Mare Training Centre offers a wide range of courses both for professional seafarers and leisure-time boaters. We issue over 1,000 course certificates yearly and our course participants study on dozens of different courses with such varying names as e.g. Medical First Aid, Sea Time Reduction Course, Basic Tanker Course and ICETRAIN.

Adult Education Centre Turku

Adult Education Centre Turku is the biggest adult education centre in Southwest Finland and among the biggest in the whole of Finland. The centre offers a diverse range of educational and training courses in order to make them match the needs of working life.

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Airport College International Ltd

AirportCollege.com is a complete online training service for airlines, airport ground handling agents and logistics. With the training service our clients can efficiently and flexibly train their staff and maintain competences required by authorities. Airport College International is a strategic partner of IATA. AirportCollege.com offers a client specific training portal which includes selected eLearning self-study courses, automated certificate issuance and complete training records. The training portal is customized according to the client company brand, and it can be integrated with competence management systems.

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Duckies is a private bilingual (eng-fin) kindergarten where teachers speak both Finnish and English, so children are exposed to both languages on daily basis. The aim is to provide a safe, happy environment for children using English as the language of instruction and communication. We believe that young children at this age have the ability to learn a second language in a fun, friendly and creative atmosphere. We offer competent teachers, excellent facilities, high quality toys and materials, healthy meals during the day and activities for indoor and outdoor play. Our weekly schedule is filled with all sorts of activities because we believe that the language is best taught by doing.
Ms. Heidi Ruhala, CEO

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Arffman Consulting Ltd

Arffman Consulting has been on the market since 1993. Being one of the few nation-wide organizations in Finland, our company has the knowledge and experience of delivering distributed training. Arffman Group is today the national market leader in its target segments in Finland. We are a forerunner in how to run e-learning programs cost effectively and with high impact. We offer high-impact integration and vocational training services: low investment high impact open source e-learning model for immigrant integration and other adult training, environmental sustainability education and Learning Boards using Learning Cell methodology for high-impact training programs. For primary education we have developed very effective method to enhance the level of mathematical thinking.
Mr. Jari Arffman,



Bitville is a digital learning agency. We work with our clients to help them achieve their training and change goals. It’s that simple.

With extensive experience and a passion for successful learning underlying everything we do, we create effective and engaging digital training experiences built around the needs of the learner. Our solutions are always tailored to your unique needs, and we help you track participation and measure learning outcomes. We deliver your solutions on time and with proven results. From e-learning and m-learning modules to consultation and custom applications, our multidisciplinary team brings a high work ethic, a wide skill set and a variety of perspectives to all your projects.

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Caleidon Ltd

Caleidon is the Finnish mobile service provider behind the Tuudo mobile platform. We offer Tuudo to higher education institutions that need the most cost-effective mobile channels to their students and alumni.

Tuudo is a mobile platform that helps students and higher education institutions achieve more every day. In addition to the usual real-time schedules and study records, Tuudo is a platform for developing new digital services to boost campus activity and employ gamification to empower the students to learn both more and better.

We offer Tuudo with a turnkey deployment, requiring minimal effort and resources from the institution. We can integrate Tuudo with any student information system in the world. Contact us to make sure that your Tuudo is up and running in mere weeks!

Mr. Iikka Meriläinen, Managing Director