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Adult Education Centre Kouvola

Kouvola’s Adult Education Centre offers a wide range of opportunities for individuals and working teams to enhance their skills. Training programs focus on studying skills and expertise that are essential in the modern working life. The objective of the education can be a vocational qualification (basic, advanced or specialised) that takes 3-9 months or further/extension training in 2-3 days. Individual study plans are made according to student’s goals, prior studies and work history.

Airport College International Ltd.

AirportCollege.com is a complete online training service for airlines, airport ground handling agents and logistics. Airport College International is a strategic partner of IATA.

With the training service our clients can efficiently and flexibly train their staff and maintain competences required by authorities.

AOR Architects

AOR Architects have expertise in designing future learning environments for the world-renowned Finnish national curriculum. Our work includes a research project on learning environments and the design of a new open-plan school for 800 pupils in Helsinki. Our practice aims to combine practical, economic, social, aesthetic and ecological demands into memorable architecture that is in harmony with its context.


Arbonaut Ltd.

Arbonaut Ltd. is one of the leading experts worldwide in remote-sensing based forest inventory and information systems for managing natural resources. Arbonaut develops Open Source web-based GIS solutions for education sector. The company has a successful track record of helping and training private and public customers globally to collect, analyze and integrate location-related information in their operations.

AuroraXplorer Ltd.

AuroraXplorer facilitates organizing deep learning experiences following the Finnish curriculum within camp school, sistership school, and study tour formats for Chinese children and education professionals.

Cimson Ltd / NEBA

Our Online Business Start Up training is called What Do You Have In Your Hand? and we have 25 years of experience of working together with the Ministry of Labor and Economics and more than 3000 new micro businesses has been started. We have more than 10.000 Online-students. We also provide online Career Guidance program and Online Teacher Training program together with our co-operating University. We help people to see what they have in their hands!

Claned Group Ltd.

Claned is a AI powered digital learning platform providing unique insight into factor last impacting the learning of individuals. With this insight organizations can continuously improve their learning content, processes and activities resulting a positive impact on business operations.

Cuppla Technology

Cuppla is a cloud-based Mobile Device and Digital Content Management Software for every day use. Cuppla helps schools to digitalise using mobile devices and tablets effortlessly. Schools can manage mobile devices and applications centrally from one location saving time for efficient teaching. Teachers can collect digital content into one location and push to mobile devices in a managed way.

Dibi Academy Ltd.

Dibi Academy brings the Finnish early education concept to China. We offer multidisciplinary hobby courses for children aged 0-5 with the emphasis on playfulness, social skills and creativity – thus providing essential life-long learning skills. Our teachers come from Finland. All teaching is in English and assisted in Chinese. Dibi Academy was opened in Beijing in October 2017.

EduExcellence Ltd.

EduExcellence is the largest education service provider in the field of Applied Services in Finland. We have significant resources - 33.000 students, 2.500 specialists -, and multi-disciplinary offering. We have implemented degree programmes in Finland and locally, and have provided expertise to education reforms globally over a decade.